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senator lindsay graham vows to hold up john brennan's confirmation to the cia until we get inching on the attacks in benghazi. and the national cathedral says yes to same-sex marriage, receiving cheers and jeers. we will have a fair and balanced debate. america's news headquarters from the nation's capitol starts right now. president obama's second term hasn't started officially, but the agenda and the cabinet are taking shape. so are some of the clashes over the president's nominations. jennifer griffin has more on the fights ahead. >> reporter: first, there will be the confirmation battles, many of which seem like they will be bruising. none more than the hearing before the senate armed services committee over the new defense secretary, chuck hagel. the hearings could start as early as this week. the white house has mounted a vigorous defense. hagel says his record on iran, gays and the military has been distorted. members of the armed services committee will question hagel. but today on "face the nation," senator john mccain called hagel a friend, though he has questions and is
pilot career, i think he's all right. >> he's set up. >>> our friend devin graham known as devin super tramp will let you know everybody's having fun. >> they all do! >> what? >> awesome. right? >> trampoline slam dunks? >> this time devin graham traveled to hungary to work with a hungarian acrobatic sports team. these guys perform these kinds of moves all over hungary and the whole ideais to make people happy. makeand they usually set these things to music when they perform. >> this is easy if you're devin graham. they got crazy skills. look what they're doing. >> that's like the halftime show as an nba game but magnified. >> the globetrotters, plus a trampoline. >> they'd probably beat the globetrotters. >> that dude just sat on the rim. >> how fun is that job? >> how can you apply? >> let's see if you can set the ball on your finger. >> i bet we could magically do that. >> i think we all could do it. >> devin, of course, shot this beautifully. you see difficult areas across hungary, the beautiful settings, beautiful scenery, ended up looking like a heck of a lot of fun. >>> that's o
to what republican senator lindsey graham had to say about his former lunch partner. >> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. he has long severed his ties with the republican party. this is an in-your-face nomination by the president to all of white house are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon, little if any. so i think it's an incredibly controversial choice. and it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be an in-your-face term. >> well, senator hagel is a straight talker from the midwest. he'll give you an unvarnished opinion, and very outspoken. but he has stated his unequivocal total support for israel, saying critics have completely distorted his record. graham predicted other republicans would have a hard time with hagel's nomination. and it just makes you wonder what is really behind all this. senator graham complained that hagel had cut ties with the republican party. but obviously pres
. south carolina republicans senator lindsey graham has been one of the most ardent critics of how the administration has handled the benghazi attack. he joins us live tonight from columbia, south carolina. good evening, senator. >> thank you for having me. >> senator let's first start with your reaction to the release of this tunisian. >> i don't know if it's justified or not but it's like pulling teeth to get the administration to engage. it wrote the tunisian government and saying it was unsemiable not to grant an interview without a lawyer. they did give the f.b.i. access to this man. i don't know the result of the interview butly try to get to the bottom of it. i didn't take much effort to get the tunisians to cooperat cooperate. i manual what would have happened if the president of the united states would have picked up the phone and called the prime minister to say this is a priority for the country. >> bret: do you think the administration that the national security effort of the administration is going after those responsible for the benghazi libya attack? >> it doesn't se
and without homes. this enormous humanitarian crisis left reverend graham of samaritan's purse in over drive to help. they wanted a safe place where orphaned children can live. my husband john and i wanted to help, too. in 2015, 2012 the academy opened and we were all there to cut the ribbons. >> this is your new home. ♪ >> take a look behind me. this is where the kids are all playing. this was absolutely nothing two years ago. and because of the work and contributions of many of you samaritan's purse all of you reverend graham they have this magnificent facility. greta hullman academy. they have everything here. -- greta home and academy. they have everything here. >> my name is mark. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> these kids come out of some of the greatest poverty not only in the western hemisphere but in the world and to be able to give them a chance, to give them an education we want to be able to teach every kid a basic trade. (speaking foreign language) you can say hello or hi any time. in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon. hello. (speaking foreign language) ♪ >> t
of israel. >> lindsey graham is saying that chuck hagel is out of the mainstream. okay. >> this is being said, by the way, of a war hero. >> right. >> this is important. a war hero who still carries slab ne shrapnel around with him. and we know him for many different things, but this is a guy that runs the atlantic council, which is about as mainstream an organization as you will get in foreign policy. >> mm-hmm. >> and we've worked with him a great deal through the atlantic council. he is a realist. he is not from the lindsey graham school of foreign policy but rather from the brent scowcroft school of foreign policy. the dr. brzezinski school of foreign policy, the colin powell school of foreign policy, the george h.w. bush school of foreign policy, the james baker iii school of foreign policy. so if anybody out there wants to say that chuck hagel is outside the mainstream of foreign policy, i suggest they turn the mirror around on them because i suggest anybody saying that of the guy that's running the atlantic council and is from the realist school of colin powell, james baker iii, g
, some of that does tend to melt away. you're right. lindsey graham was on cnn's "state of the union" yesterday calling this an in your face nomination and basically saying this is going to be a very controversial pick for president obama. we should note the white house just put out some official guidance at 1:05 this afternoon the president will come out and make a personnel announcement. we expect that to be the announcement of chuck hagel for defense secretary and john brennan for director of the cia. but getting back to chuck hagel, you mentioned some of his credentials just a few moments ago. he is not only a republican senator who served in these halls with many of these same senators who might be opposing him or asking him tough questions, he also served in veet na vietnam. carol, he took controversial positions over the years and made some controversial statements. he opposed the iraq surge, the surge of troops into iraq to help stabilize that country during the second term of george w. bush. he has from time to time opposed unilateral sampnctions on iran. that also raised th
upset senator graham and other members of the senate who might be concerned about some of the things he said in the past. he'll be working for the president. when working for the president you follow the president's policies. i don't see this prior statement as being -- first off, they may -- they may have been wrong. he may have made some statements which were inappropriate, as he did. but everybody does, i guess. and now he's going to be working for the president. and carrying the president's policies forward. i think he'll probably carry them forward rather effectively. the thing i like about chuck, and i've known him for a long time. we had our differences when we were in the senate to say the least because he's a pretty strong personality. but i like the fact that he thinks outside the box. the defense department is going to go through a major adjustment right now. for the next few years as the budget pressures come down on them fairly strongly. plus, you're shifting from a boots on the ground philosophy of how you fight terrorism to more of an intelligence driven terrorist battle,
graham up... the... -3 confirmation... of a nee c-i-a untill.. there aae... annwers... about september's... deadll in libya. libya.after... the attack....u-- ambassador a liittof talking points.../. & whic... included al qqeda.../ wwich weee... álaterá... changed to 'extremists.'...// grahaa... -3 wantt... to know ... how the... points.... changed...// graham's... calling for... a deeay in tte confirmation process... of... &&p john brennan, .../ the ... presidenn's pick... to lead the c-iia.///. & tuesdayy../// wwite hhuse officials spoke out. "thhttpoot as well as thee defense, secretary of state, that need to bb filled if that is wwy he called on the senate to act prrmptly." p3 the... eptember 11th attack... n benghazi ...killeddfour americans,.../ -3 incluudng... tte u-s ambbssador to libya,... chris stevenss 3 poliie in isconsii rrest a callss.. to get out of traffic tickets. -3&pticket
) oh my god! no! no way! no way! (cheers and applause) (laughter) >> jon: is lindsay graham about to propose to mccain and lieberman? (laughter) imagine lieberman's response. >> i'm the happiest man. i'm in a threeway tie for bride. (laughter) actually, lindsay graham is page the age-old slippery slope argument. >> i mean if gay people can get married why can't three people get married or ten people, or anybody to anything. again, placing gayness into the category of whimsical desire for something unconventional as opposed to a state of being who you are. going up against the supreme court, these guys are going buy some [bleep] slippery slope argument. >> justice antonin scalia was answering questions about his legal writing. >> a student on monday asked why scalia in past writings has compared sodomy laws to laws on beastiality and murder. >> jon: scalia! good old slippery sodomy slope scalia. ruff laugh aka antonin, aka lips manlis from the dick tracy movie. totally a pairing, you see on one of those web sites where the people look like other people. and then you click on it. (l
, samaritan's purse, reverend graham, they now have this magnificent facility here, greta home and academy, they have everything here. >> my name is mark. >> okay, nice to meet you. . >> nice to meet you. >> these kids come out and some of the greatest poverty not only in the western hems hemisphere, but in the world today and we want to train every kid. >> and you can say hello, or hi anytime. okay? >> in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, you can say hello, my name is-- and hello. >> hello. >> shake hands. shake hands. >> they even have laptop computers here to help them grow, help them be a part of the world. these kids have an opportunity never in a million years would have had. >> yes, i am very excited to go to greta academy and i hope that so we do everything-- we (inaudible) we have everything. >> i want their dreams to come true. i don't want them to not be able to fulfill their dreams due to lack of education, lack of skill sets, lack of kids being able to have a dream. we want to instill that future in each of them that they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. >>
brennan, which seemed like he was going to be fine in getting through but lindsey graham from south carolina is call forgive a delay for john brennan. >> he served under george bush jr. >> jennifer: he's saying that we want to learn more about bengahzi. lendcy graham has raised his head to object to any and all these cabinets. >> they would call john mccain maverick because he would do whatever he thought. lindsey graham is trying to be maverick jr. >> jennifer: he has good ratings in south carolina. >> he has good ratings right now, but we don't know which tea party candidate is going to run against him. jim dement from south carolina who just left, he was a true tea party right wing nut. a lot of south carolinaens especially republicans, don't think lindsey graham is a right wing nut too. >> jennifer: he has been prior to these past couple of years he has been a voice a reasonable, rational voice. >> sometimes he has sometimes he hasn't. >> jennifer: when he looks at climate change. >> yes. >> jennifer: he seemed to be reasonable. but all of a sudden he has taken this far tact to
. >> john: always great to hear lindsey graham talk about taking it in the face. and the neo-con echo chamber is adding to the clamor, as in this ad. >> president obama secretary of state chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> john: and really when was bill kristol really wrong about anything. and another stumble on the way to the pentagon was his lgbt rights. he rejected james hormel to be ambassador to luxembourg with frankly offensive comments. hagel told a local newspaper i'm quoting ambassadorial posts are sensitive. they're representing america. they're representing our lifestyles values and standards, and i think it's an inhibiting factor to be openly, aggressively gay like mr. hormel to do a better job. this was the late 90s and toxic homophobia was very common common, hagel has apologized for those remarks and said as secretary of defense he will support open service and lgbt military families. now the log cabin republicans the lgbt gay advocacy group did not seem too impressed. they put out an ad chuck hagel hagel's apology, too little, too late. james hormel, the man
that there is, again, a legal necessity issue that is presented. if you go back to graham versus florida it is true that justice kennedy and the supreme court, the majority of the court said that you cannot impose life without parole for a non manslaughter offense for an add less is sent and therefore, he drew the line's did in roeper versus simmons at saying that at less sent are simply different. their brains are different than adults. they're less developmentally mature. what happened to terrence graham? he got sentenced. he didn't get sentenced to life without parole that was now unconstitutional. if you actually read what happened at the sentencing hearing for terrence graham, there was, again, dueling psychologists with a scrist and the state sigh kentucky scrist made the claim he was suffering from anti-personality disorder and in his view, no one recovers from anti-personality disorder and therefore he should be put away virtually for the rest of his life and the defense expert is said there has already been demonstration of his increased maturity and that i do think that he will
. >> there is is limits how can he do that so they have got to be careful. rosen, lindsey graham, senator from south korea. -- south carolina. he doesn't like brennan for the cia. what's the beef? >> first he has threatened to put a block on the nomination of john brennan for cia director unless he, senator graham gets more and better answers on the administration's response to the benghazi attacks than he got before the election. this doesn't mean that john brennan is thought to be vulnerable on benghazi per se. really it reflects the fact that on capitol hill, john brennan is not a pop l.a. larr guy. i can't even repeat some the language that descended on my virgin ears when i called people on the hill today because they feel that he is aloof. he is arrogant. they called him some unprintable language. he makes obama look humble. talk about in private meetings. >> bill: it's a personality thing. >> it's a personality thing. >> bill: i don't care about the personality of the cia chief. i want him to be effective. >> bill: it's interesting that graham would say look i'm going to block this enemies you are
interest, i take an oath of office to the constitution. >> lindsey graham said his former colleague would, quote, be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward israel in the nation's history. mr. hagel hotly disputes that, he has many defenders including those in the jewish community. hagel has apologized for the tone of his opposition in 1998 to an openly gay ambassadorial candidate. he called him openly, aggressively gay, and nowinsens. joining me now are margaret and peter. margaret, full disclosure, you helped start a group which is now opposed to senator hagel's nomination. what are your problems with him? >> well, which i'm actually not involved with anymore, but i understand the perspective of them. there are a lot of folks who have concerns about some of the things hagel has said in the past and that's why we'll have a full -- >> specifically about israel? >> specifically about israel, specifically about iran. it's not just what he said. he's got a very long voting record of not taking voting positions or signing letters that suggest a stalwart supporter of israel. >> but h
to implement some safety measures, but this morning, republican senator lindsey graham said that an executive order like that would run into bipartisan opposition in the congress. >> harris? >> yeah, and as sources said, peter, much like the fight we saw against an executive order or any push there about on health care in this country. peter doocy, thank you very much. let's continue now, gun control is just one item on what is shaping up to be, what some say a very ambitious agenda for president obama's second term. the president of course, sworn in a week from today in a private ceremony, the public inauguration a week from tomorrow, from cabinet positions to the debt ceiling, and immigration reform. jennifer griffin takes a look at the president's agenda ahead. >> harris, first there will be the confirmation battle, some will be bruising, none more so than the president's pick for defense secretary, chuck hagel. those hearings could start as early as this week we're told by senate sources and the white house mounted a vigorous defense and hagel says his record on israel, iran and gays in t
you very much. thank you. graham, you're an arms and militaria expert so i would think you'd wear some kind of military insignia. but every time i see you you've got your blue peter badge on. so, what's the story behind it? well, blue peter had a huge influence on me when i was a child and i always remember that valerie singleton and chris trace used to ask us children to send in drawings and things we'd made. so, one year when i was very small, i did a drawing, a sort of geometric-- lots of multi-colored things-- and sent it in and a few weeks later, my mother handed me a little envelope with a bulge in it in the middle. and i opened it, terribly excited pulled out a piece of card with a blue peter badge on it and a little letter from biddy baxter, the editor. oh, yes! well done you. because i tried to do that. i sent a little toy and i didn't get anything. oh, no! i know! i can't think why. but you're still wearing it today. now, that is quite unusual, isn't it? well, it really is one of my favorite objects. and blue peter itself was
, picked off by graham for the second time in the game. sets up baltimore in denver territory. in double-overtime, dustin tucker lines up for field goal. the 38-35 double-overtime victory for the ravens. >> this sports report brought by river rock casino. more coming up later in the newscast. >> ama: lance armstrong comes clean? hmm, his plan to open up and who he is going to talk to. >> coughing, sneezing, a nation overwhelmed overwhelmed. >> plows, she became america's tower >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. in tonight's headlines. you think it's cold now, wait until tomorrow. sunday is predicted to be even chillier in the bay area. get out the blankets, mitt 's, leg warmers, anything to get through the deep freeze. >> thousands of people attended a gun show in san francisco. many said they're buying guns and ammunition because they fear president obama will place restrictions on weapons. vice-president joe biden is expected to deliver recommendations to help curb gun violence this week. >> family and friends held a memorial service for alyssa byrne, many wore pink, her favorite col
-conservatives, the bush ii folks, mccain, lieberman, lindsey graham, and the others and what hagel stands for, john, is non- interventionist foreign policy. we don't go to war unless vital interests are at stake. we put our own country first. i think this is going to be the battle royal in the coming months. >> eleanor. >> nobody is a shoe-in with the republican party that fails to defeat president obama for reelection but still seems determined to make him a failed president but jacob lew is as close to a shoe-in as there can be. the only complaint you hear is that he hasn't spent enough time on wall street, and for a lot of democrats that's actually a positive attribute. so he will be confirmed. and i believe senator hagel will also be confirmed, although that's a bigger fight, and his remarks about israel that somehow he isn't tough enough on israel, his objection to sanctions was that they were unilateral. he now supports the current sanctions. he is certainly not antiisrael. those arguments will be put aside. he is there to cut the budget, and he's the man for the moment. he has the appe
: that is lindsay graham objecting to chuck hagel's nomination to be the next secretary of defense. and hague sell not the only nominee that will face opposition, and here with that story is democratic strategist peter fenn. thanks for joining us in "the war room" again. >> thanks. great to be with you governor. >> jennifer: okay is the president going to have a really big fight on his hands, or is this just a bunch of media making about it because a few are raising their head and objecting? >> it's really hard to tell how much the republicans are going to push this. they are itching for a fight, governor. they just got kind of beaten up. boehner is in trouble. so they are picking a fight with the president a bit on this one. lindsay graham is looking over his shoulder worried about his base, so you have got a little of that going on but right there have only been three republicans who have stated their for-sure opposition to him. i'm old enough to remember when john tower was getting beaten above the head and shoulders, but there was a guy who had serious alcohol prob
important to have happen before the kerry confirmation. i think it will happen that way. >>> lindsey graham is threatening to delay the nomination of john brennan for cia director unless the white house releases more information about the bengahzi attack. senator graham claims the white house has repeatedly ignored his requests for information and calls the move "an unfortunate yet necessary step." last month an independent review found systemic failures in leadership at the state department. at least four department officials have been removed from their post as a result of that investigation. >>> the only known suspect in connection with the september 11th consulate attack has been released by officials in tunisia due to lack of evidence. >>> the u.s. preparing for a withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of 2014, the white house considering a plan that would leave no american troops behind, not even in supporting roles. that's according to a national security adviser in the administration. despite recommendations by general john allen for the u.s. to leave as many as 15,000 troops, this
before congress. >> senator lindsey graham of south carolina says he's not going to vote to confirm john brennan until he gets more answers, answers from hillary clinton, from others at the cia, from the white house presumably. what are you hearing about this? >> well, senator graham is saying it has nothing to do with john brennan per se. what it does is centers around these questions around these talking points that a u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice did in those sunday talk shows. there was this deleted reference to al qaeda involvement which was in the classified version. it was taken out when used by ambassador rice and senator graham has questions about who changed that. the intelligence committee has spoken to this. they said that they changed it and more specifically that the cia changed those talking points but senator graham is not satisfied. he says he has more questions before john brennan is confirmed and while he's not on the senate's committee on intelligence, he could hold up the nomination. >> and we're going to be speaking in the next hour to senator john mccain.
. karen, lindsey graham saying this is an in your face nomination. he would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense. sharp words, which probably p r portends something more than just policy disagreements. >> true, although at this point lindsey graham has kind of lost all if not most of his credibility because he sort of has been balking at just about everything, and he has been pretty much following john mccain's lead on most things. >> it's worse that we don't know where john mccain is on this. >> he has been such a follower on so many issues so far that i -- him saying that, you know, this is a guy who is running the atlantic council and that's out of the mainstream. i think there's a little -- a credibility check. the challenge, i think, for the administration is going to be that this nomination means they're going to have to do work on both the democratic and the republican side, and, you know, usually when you are a democratic president, it's who are the key men who have worked on these nominations. who are the key republican senators? we're going to have to go and see,
just heard senator lindsey graham saying this is kind of an in your face nomination, nothing bipartisan about it. so which is it? >> there are a lot of republicans who feel like senator lindsey graham, that former senator from nebraska chuck hagel stepped away from the republican party, namely in his firm opposition of the surge in iraq, when the party's nominee at the time, john mccain was running a presidential campaign counting the surge under george w. bush. the surge of course the troops going in to iraq, stepping up the troop presence there to try to get iraq under control. you'll remember then senator obama opposed the iraq surge as well. so, the republican party for the most part, many members believe that chuck hagel stepped away from the foreign policy element back then, and was very adamant. he was for the iraq war before he was against it and then was very vocal about being against the surge in iraq and that's really where some of that back and forth started. then you add on top of that some of the statements that he's being criticized for about israel, and iran, and hamas,
, and antoine gets it. 24-9. just over 5:00 left. fourth and one. graham, the deflection, williams, the pick. luck saves the touchdown but that would seal it. 24-9 baltimore. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. here's ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got and showing people no matter circumstances you may be going through, push through it, and you will encourage somebody. >> you know it. rg iii and the red-hot redskins hosting the seahawks on a win streak. griffin, looking okay. 14-0 washington lead. then seattle locks it up, fourth quarter, trailing by one, marchand lynch enters beast mode with his quarterback leading the way. 21-14. griffin, a lack of mobility on the knee. get 1-z -- gets 105 yards for the game. biggess playoff come back in chicago history. 24-14. battle of the birds next sunday, hawks and falcons in atlanta. >> cal, a 53-49 win at colorado. the bears now 12-1, and stanford has the 70-of win at utah. alabama and notre dame meet for the national championship tomorrow. we'll have a preview at 6:00. >> ama: up next we check in on >> coming in a half hour
of the graham. shane vereen, great throw by brady, even better catch by vereen. first patriot to score three t.d.s in a playoff game. the patriots get the ravens for the second straight year. >> better late than never. the nhl lockout officially ended yesterday, and the teams wasted no time getting back to work at training camp opened today. this afternoon, players practice in front of a packed house on sharks ice, giving the fans a salute to thank them for their patience. then it was back to work. the boys in teal have only seven days to prepare for the season opener in calgary. the first time the entire team has been together since the playoff and it and they're excited to be back. >> get can back to town, knowing that everybody is here. feeling so scattered here over the lockout. definitely a good feeling. >> guys know what to expect. today was a good start. be ready. >> big game hoops. stanford put their 81-game win streak against con friday opponents on the line against seventh ranked cal at maples pavilion. cal the last pac-12 team to beat stanford in 2009. chiney ogwumike led. cal is to
graham gets his second interception of the afternoon. and the ravens have good field position. that leads to this. justin tucker from 47 out. hits the field goal and the ravens win 38-35. ray lewis gets to play another day. >>> the nhl schedule finally came out just hours ago. san jose and the sharks open up in canada january 20 against the flames. their home opener is against phoenix four days later. and in the 48-game sprint ends on saturday, april 27. the 49ers will not old any media sessions tomorrow. so come out to sharks ice if you're looking for something to do. that's at 1:30 on the north rink in san jose. diane, are you working? can we see you out there? >> i can speak over there before i start work. i'll see you there. we'll be right back. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it
hagel's critics, including li lindsey graham will louder than his backers. >> i expect that the president to nominate people different than i would think, i'm going to vote for senator kerry, i think he's very much in the main stream of thought. chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonist secretary of defense. he has long severed ties with his party. this is an in your face nomination by the president. >> senator hagel has some criticism on the left. whether he questioned an openly gay nominee by president clinton was fit enough to represent the united states. >> who will. be the best job in helping to secure america? >> anything to disqualify him? >> not that what i see. i know chuck hagel. he's a patriot. he apologized for that comment. it's a testimony for what has
, ball is tipped by graham, williams the pick but that seals it. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. >> it was about giving me everything i got. under these circumstances you may be going to just push through it. if you can push through it. >> and redskins, something had to give. griffin hobbling on that knee. 14-0 washington then seattle. marshawn lynch, 27 yards, 131 on the game. 2-point conversion made it 21-14. and his complete catches the turf. he would have to lead the game and kurt cousens and ron johnson lights him up on 0. biggest come back. battle of the birds, hawks and falcons in atlanta. they asked if made the decision would he have finished the game. >> i would have been right back out there on the field. you respect authority. i respect the coach, but at the same time you have to be a man sometimes. there was no way i was coming out of that game. >> on the eve of the bcs, notre dame and alabama, both coaches posing with the trophy. >> there is a lot of players out there that started this season wanting to get in this game. if you think of this is way, it shou
cetera, so this is not speculative, and finally i am working with graham irwin who is a professional building consultant who helps me like me with green building projects and has a national reputation of being a foremost thinker in this field and based in marin county and working with me on the drawings and editing them and correcting them, et cetera. >> i think that particular explanation satisfies my questioning and i support the withdrawal of the continuance. >> so we now have a motion i believe on the floor for approval. >> there is a motion and a second on the floor commission. shall i call the question? commissioner antonini. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner sug. >> no. >> commissioner president fong. >> aye. >> commissioners that passes four to one with commissioner sugaya against. all right. commissioners you are item 16 for 1325 portola drive request for discretionary review. that is abbreviated discretionary review. >> good afternoon planning commission. i am [inaudible] southwest team leader. this property has been
for guns. make them have to reload more. >> can i do that pretty quick. >> jon: you are fast fingers graham the foremost gun enthusiast slash speed or gamy champion? the world. how he uses his gun hands to make such delegate paper art. why it's a mystery. [ laughter ] all right. magazine restrictions won't help. how about we keep all the guns except weapons designed purely to go after enemy soldiers. >> we've had a so called assault weapons ban for ten years. studies said it made no difference. it was ill conceive and it didn't work properly. >> joe: you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed (bleep) it. [ laughter ] we're not looking for magic, flying solving projectile. we're looking for a series of steps from different areas that could improve the situation as opposed to what we have now which is legislation riders that prevent the atf from checking inventories and bills making it harder won't get do not buy list and laws for -- people god forbid mcdonalds doesn't tell you how hot their hot steamy coffee is. that happens when you are taking the money train to mcpunitive damage
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